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We're all a book, not knowing where to end and not knowing where to start. Some pages are filled with scribbles, some filled with bold texts and some are just blank. And it takes the right reader to figure out what the novel is really about. “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. ” hi, my name is Phuong and this blog is just a little glimpse of me. -


Tina Berning



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*reblogs one year old post from own archive*

Anonymous said: So I started talking to this guy in the UK. I've never talked to a guy before like this. We ended up talking for almost 5 hours, and I sent a question on snapchat, he opened it and didn't respond.. Should I be worried? It is 11 at night there.. Could he have taken asleep, or does he not like me? It's been almost an hour since he opened it...

mhm maybe he didnt know how to reply to your snap, you should try again and see what happens ! goodluck xo

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